Data empowers sales leaders and teams, it can also differentiate companies

Better sales data is more than just information to help close a sale – it is crucial intelligence about companies, market sectors and industries.

Automating the process of gathering data revolutionises the understanding companies have about their clients and prospects. They become experts on their activities and concerns. This can be a real differentiator.



SalesRelay provides clear, comprehensive visibility of performance in real time, giving sales leaders an unparalleled insight of their sales team’s activity, including:

  • monitoring of the KPI’s that matter to the business
  • where the team have been and also where they are going
  • which customers have been visited or, perhaps more importantly, not visited this period
  • whether the latest products are being discussed in every call
  • if the right campaigns are being promoted
  • whether the right number of sales visits are being made
  • if the relevant decision makers are being seen
  • how many enquiries or orders have been generated
  • what is the timeline and detail for

SalesRelay allows quick and easy data capture from the field using our secure multi- platform application for ease of use and accuracy.

The app is designed to be data light so can operate even with limited band width and can be used in ‘offline’ mode with no signal


SalesRelay is powerful because it is simple, clean, intuitive and well- designed. Your team can enter sales activities easily, with the detail collected via bespoke activity streams tailored to meet your reporting and analytical needs.


SalesRelay is not just a tool for Sales leaders, the sales team can easily retrieve core information and details on previous customer contacts in moments whilst in the field or on the road.


The SalesRelay app enables the sales team to review key KPIs and other statistics on their device in real-time.


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