Sales used to be seen as a “black box”, a “dark art” which salespeople and their leaders kept hidden from the rest of the business world.  No one quite understood how the “dark arts” of sales worked and sales liked it that way. But transparency is replacing opacity; data is replacing opinion and light is penetrating the darkness.

As a team we have the robust experience, the radical thought and the innovative tools to illuminate the black box of sales. SalesRelay can allow you to:

  • Measure call rates across the sales cycle for all individual team members
  • Measure customer coverage across the sales cycle all individual team members
  • Measure call productivity for all team members
  • Measure selected KPI’s (e.g New product orders)…and so much more!


SalesRelay can help sales leaders to diagnose, formulate, develop and reinforce people skills and processes across the discipline of selling. For instance, we can provide visibility on accounts being missed or perhaps over called upon using this simple graphic tool reporting tool within SalesRelay.

To find more ways that SalesRelay can help improve your field sales performance follow this link Improves your field sales performance

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