The ACE up your sleeve

Successful sales leadership requires the management of significant complexity like assessing a poker hand. There are many moving parts which need coordinating, calculating, conducting and calling!

When faced with complexity it often helps to focus on the “vital few” not the “irrelevant many”.

  • Firstly what are the elements of the complex problem to solve? Assessing your hand…
  • Then where can the cards played or the changes made make the greatest difference?

At SalesRelay we identify three sales levers which are critical to sustained sales success:

  • Activities:  “Is there enough active selling going on?”
  • Concentration of Effort: “Are we talking about the right things to the right people in the right companies?”
  • Effectiveness: “Are we doing things in the best way?”

These three levers make the acronym ACE and we believe sales leaders should have them up their sleeve ensuring they keep winning in today’s fast-changing sales environment.

Take our 10 minute diagnostic to see which of the three levers are likely to be most powerful for your business.

To find more ways that SalesRelay can help improve your field sales performance follow this link Improves your field sales performance

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