The real game-changer for modern sales leaders is real-time, reliable sales data

SalesRelay is a sales activity reporting tool for the sales team. It’s the fastest, easiest way to record and relay the outcome of sales visits and calls using an easy to use phone app.

Instead of sales managers spending hours and days of management time, sourcing and collating information from a number of systems, the vital data is only 60 seconds away. SalesRelay puts the key data at sales leaders’ fingertips, all of the time.

Driving sales performance

SalesRelay was developed in direct response to the pressing need to improve the performance of customers’ field sales teams. In 2007, backed by both UK and US Technology VC’s, we reached our goal of field sales reporting in 60 seconds.

SalesRelay was built on a pedigree in data analytics for performance improvement for multinational brands in global markets and software development. The metrics and reports used in the system today are derived from the >20M benchmarked data set and in collaboration with Aston, Glasgow Caledonian and Teesside Universities.

SalesRelay has now grown to be a fully multilingual system, covering countries across Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, India and Asia.

The problems with traditional sales

The problems are familiar, but worryingly, many sales leaders have become forced to accept them as inevitable outcomes of traditional sales culture:

  • many sales people focus on selling easy, low margin products
  • half of sales managers are uncertain what their sales teams are doing in their daily field activities
  • it can take up to 9 months to highlight a failing sales person
  • over 60% of sales teams do not follow a sales

Understandably, as many as two thirds of sales leaders worry that they won’t meet their targets. This is an unacceptable level of unnecessary stress that takes its toll on effectiveness and can easily demotivate sales managers and their teams.

SalesRelay is proven to increase sales productivity by >21%

Glasgow Caledonian University undertook a study on Sales Data focussing on how sales activity can be improved and what happens when a sales team re-examines their concentration of effort. The study lasted for the whole of 2020. Their findings were eye-opening:

  • SalesRelay resulted in 87% more calls made at the end of the study than there were at the start point
  • cost of sales fell from £96 per call to £51
  • the study highlighted reasons for difference between a pattern of 27% and 56% conversion ratios
  • the study also Identified why some products took 7 times more visits to achieve a sale.

CRM or Sales Force Automation?

Many sales leaders have little faith in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data. And, if the sales leaders can’t trust the data, then neither can the rest of the business:

  • we found that 60% of SalesRelay customers had already tried a CRM system to manage their sales teams
  • we also discovered that over half of their sales teams didn’t use a CRM system even when one was

The fact is, CRM systems are designed to build relationships with existing customers to foster customer satisfaction and drive loyalty. SFA (Sales Force Automation) is designed to automate and streamline sales processes, ensuring sales management are working with accurate information.

Some CRM systems have some sales functionality, but they are not designed to do that job specifically. It is also important to stress that SalesRelay insights can also be pushed straight into CRM systems to help with customer relationships post-sale.

Read more about SalesRelay here

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