Market intelligence and speed of response

Keep your eye on the market and your competition. Build up an accurate picture of the landscape and use it to build powerful relationships through information sharing. Reacting quickly to market changes can make your salesforce a strategic competitive advantage.



Less admin, more selling

Reduce admin time for sales leaders and sales teams. Populating SalesRelay is fast, easy and reported data is automatically transposed into accessible, reliable management information. Forecasting accuracy is improved dramatically.



Consistently reliable sales intelligence

Become aware of what each team member is doing. This means you can identify obstacles and opportunities in the sales process. You can also provide support at pivotal points ensuring your team are productive and happy.


Critical insights, wherever you are

Richer insights from your sales team mean you can base your sales management decisions on facts not opinions. The system is multi-lingual and used across the world.

Information is available in an app and a website.


Easy-to-use, real time reporting

Sales activity recording and reporting in minutes, making adoption rates high.


CRM/ERP/MRP Integration

Push insights from SalesRelay into your IT systems. Campaigns can be easily and cost-effectively managed.


Increase effectiveness and efficiency

Increases field sales productivity by >21%. Independent University research has proved significant improvements in performance post implementation.


Information security management

ISO27001 and 9001 fully compliant and Data Protection registered.


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Recording & Reporting

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