Improve the performance of your field sales team

Achieving organic growth in these rapidly changing times is neither simple nor easy. 

Many of the “norms” that have sustained traditional selling seem to be proving inadequate and need re-examining.

As one Sales leader put it to us just last month.  “It may be that the fact our customers continued ordering from us in the past masked the fact that we were probably not selling to them as we should have been.”


The options to such traumatic times seem to be:

  • Ignore the change and hope things will “get back to normal”- freeze!
  • Ditch the hard-earned lessons of the past completely – flight!
  • Aggressively step up activity and attack the market and competitors – fight!
  • Bring together the best of experience with the stimulus of radically new approaches using data to achieve improved and sustainable results –  the “fawn” response.

We believe this final approach will produce improved performance: data+ experience – reapplied.

SalesRelay is the most effective tool available to improve performance of Field Sales teams by:

Providing accurate & timely quantitative data to measure actual performance against chosen KPI’s

  • Gathering relevant data on competitor activity
  • Improving administration of key commitments and forecasting
  • Linking sales process stages to CRM and ERP systems
  • Quick and easy to enter data and to install

Our clients across a range of sectors tell us using SalesRelay has made a significant impact on sales results and the figures have been independently verified by a University. Follow this link to read more on this research Glasgow Caledonian University study on sales data


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